Friday, January 30, 2009


While writing this blog it's 6 minutes to 5pm here. The sun is about to set in a little while. The first photo was taken last year in the balcony of where I used to work. I like the silhouette of the buildings and the reflection of the sun. The second was when I was out and walking on my errands and I captured the beautiful sunset in the busy city. I have comments received that they see some kind of dragon or alligator formed by the clouds. I didn't use any photo enhancement for these photos or others I've taken. When I was starting photography the sun was one my favorite subjects. Whether it's sunrise or sunset. It's so relaxing to watch them, specially at the beach!
Now I miss clicking... =)


  1. I keep telling myself I cannot live away from the beach. The beach, those sunsets, the salty air just makes me feel so good I don't feel I am missing anything in the world. So I know how you get inspired by it:) Thanks for the follow!

  2. I grew up in Erie, PA, which is famous for having one of the world's greatest sunsets over Lake Erie. I miss seeing that! Also, thanks for stoppin by my blog! :D

  3. What a view. It would make me want to work late for that view! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the comment!