Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Banner Made

Yesterday I was so tired the whole day. I accompanied my sister to get her supplies for her new shop. We went to her house, took photos, then I got home around 10pm. Yep, she's opening her Etsy shop by this month! Her line would be beads and jewelry supplies. She has crystals, pearls, lampwork, murano, glass, charms, etc. She is very new to Etsy. I think she's lucky to have me because I tell her everything I now about Etsy, and sharing her if I knew something new. Well that is what sisters for right =) I will announce here on my blog when Beads World is officially open. She'll be giving away 10 pairs of Capiz Earrings for the 1st 10 buyers from her shop=). Oh the earrings are so gorgeous! I have this funny story when my sister and I are having conversation I mentioned her about doing blogs would help her promote her store. She was like what's blog? I gave her a smile and explained. She's not a computer or internet person no wonder why she has no idea...

By the way I made her a banner comments are welcome as well as critiques. I have to go now to take a shower then eat lunch. Today is Sunday. I'm excited to go to the church and have a victory Sunday. Our church is Victory Christian Fellowship.

Friday, January 30, 2009


While writing this blog it's 6 minutes to 5pm here. The sun is about to set in a little while. The first photo was taken last year in the balcony of where I used to work. I like the silhouette of the buildings and the reflection of the sun. The second was when I was out and walking on my errands and I captured the beautiful sunset in the busy city. I have comments received that they see some kind of dragon or alligator formed by the clouds. I didn't use any photo enhancement for these photos or others I've taken. When I was starting photography the sun was one my favorite subjects. Whether it's sunrise or sunset. It's so relaxing to watch them, specially at the beach!
Now I miss clicking... =)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Yay Got My 1st Follower!

Hello, and it's Thursday afternoon here. I would like to thank Angela she is my first follower here on Blogger. Thanks! You are so talented I like your collages from magazine pages but this one is my fave. Go girl!

I was trying to get through Etsy a couple of minutes ago but I couldn't get in for some reasons. I was thinking their system was down or maybe my connection. But I could check other websites with no problems so most probably it's down. Last night I had a sales on my Etsy shop from the chat room. There is a room called 5 Min Featured Seller and you can always see me there playing. The rules of the game is You have to be the FS for 5 Minutes, whoever buys from you gets the chance to be featured. In cases if no one bought from you, you get to pick who would you want to go then. It was fun, it's addictive actually. You get to meet new talented artists from the chat at the same time makes some sales.

Yesterday I have received 3 packages from the Post Office from my swap partners in Flickr. I joined these 2 swap groups it's the A Little Fabric and A Little Chocolate Swap and Fat Quarter Swap. And oh I'm a also the admin of I Heart Deli Foods Swap. I love swapping and it's obvious =) I decided not to open my packages yet until my camera is back to me. I know it's really tempting to open but I'm scared I might eat them all and wouldn't have the chance to take photos of them. So I need to be patience. Geez I just starred at them just now *wink

In the coming days or maybe tomorrow I will post the fabric and deli foods swaps I made for my partners. I thought I want to share it.

Hello everyone! This is my first time to blog here. I have my other blog in I started there 2 weeks ago. I found the site from a fellow Etsian so I thought why not give it a try. Since I use google a lot I chose Blogger now to be my officially blog site! Yay! I'll be back later because my partner just got home and he wants us to eat lunch. I will write more... See you!