Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bright Side

Hello everyone! I did not post a blog lately because I was working on my leaf headbands, I'm a busy bee =). I will upload the photos by next week though.

I got something to share and this is very helpful! I was hanging out in the Etsy Storque a few days ago and I bumped to this article about how to brighten your photos. I was so excited to try it because I did research for free software that could give a bright side of my photos but failed =( ... If you visit it looks now very processional now, I mean the way that photos looks like. It makes really a big difference. I used this free application from

What are you waiting for... Go and try it!


  1. Hey nice job with the pics! what a difference you've made with them!

  2. I will try that for sure. That seems to be the problem I have. Cute piece BTW..

  3. My favorite piece in your shop is that 70's pouch. It's so cute and I love bright colors!